Linda DeMore





Chapter President twice, Conference Chair, Chapter Treasurer, International Vice-President, International Recognition Chair, District Director

Church Worship Director – 10 years, Church Treasurer

I have 35 years of experience at Illinois Department of Employment security with 28 years as a supervisor/manager, retiring as the Chief Financial Officer for the Department.  As part of these roles I lead the department on several projects moving the department to be the first in the nation to join our UI tax system with our other state tax system.  I assisted in setting the agencies top priorities.  I managed total staff of 250 people through the  Revenue Division, budget department, accounting department, procurement department and quality assurance.   department

IDES had a bank contract that cost the agency nothing and had 4 additional years.  The bank who had the contract was required by the feds to no longer administer our debit card operation that was one part of the contract.  Our technical and procurement manager wanted us to put out a new RFP for the services and estimated the implementation would take over 1 year.  I suggested we partner with the bank to do a modified contract to allow the bank to have a sub-contractor for the debit card operations.  I met with the procurement manager and IT manager with the idea, but they would not consider it.  I took the idea to the director and presented in detail the pros and cons of the idea, savings to the state and steps to implement without a new contract.  After presentation of all of the facts, the director agreed this was better for the state and agency.  We pursued the sub-contractor method and saved the agency over $1 million per year.

Phone or in person.  I prefer to here the tone of voice and the passion people have for their ideas.  Other forms of communication are fine for communication of information, but to understand people thoughts and concerns, it is better to talk to person via phone call, video conference or in person meeting.

I lead the department in implementation of GenTax system.  I was the project sponsor.  I worked with senior leadership to set this as an agency priority.  I assisted in selection of project manager and impowered the manager and all members of the team to make the best decisions.  I dealt with conflict by encouraging discussion and problem solving of the members of the team.  The project was successfully implemented on time on budget.  The entire revenue team was involved with the project and they took ownership for its success.

I have spoke to leadership within my state and through out the country on the value of IAWP.  I worked on changes to the awards process.  I suggested changes in the membership to allow for a new class of members at the agency level.

I will plan to attend weekly leadership calls and will set weekly objects to accomplish each week.  As a retiree I can dedicate as many hours as is needed to accomplish the work of IAWP

I will plan and attend meeting as required.  I am retired and generally can set my own time.