60% Of Active Job Seekers Consider Career Field Change; Reskilling An Opportunity

A majority of active job seekers, 60%, have looked at opportunities in varied career fields different from which they now work, according to a survey by CompTIA. The organization said the findings — from a survey that included nearly 1,500 adults in the US labor force — point to the need for skills training.

“We must view this as an opportunity to reset outdated thinking in areas such as skills-based training and hiring,” CompTIA President and CEO Todd Thibodeaux said. “It is imperative we further expand talent pipelines and career pathway opportunities to meet employer needs, especially in the critical area of digital skills.”

When it comes to training, the survey found that online training courses were the preferred option, cited by 73%, of individuals considering jobs in IT, communications, multimedia, journalism or social media. “Self-study” was the most-preferred option, 67%, among workers interested in arts, design, entertainment or sports jobs. And in-person training was the most popular, cited by 59%, of people considering jobs in construction, skilled trades or architecture.

“Smart employers will look for people with potential, even someone who may not be a perfect fit on day one,” Thibodeaux said. “With an investment in training, that person can quickly progress from an 80-percenter to a 100% contributor.”

The survey also found that half have previously made a significant career change and moved into a new field, and 52% said the change had an overall positive impact on their careers.