2018 Workforce Development Conference Speaker Materials

Writing For Results – Arrowood (Slides)

Writing for Results – Arrowood (Handout)

The Art and Science of Onboarding – Filipkowski & Wiete

Onboarding Roadmap Worksheet – Flipkowski & Wiete

Rethinking Job Search  – Barksdale and Howell (Cover)

Rethinking Job Search – Barksdale & Howell (Handout)

Leading With Emotional Intelligence – Stern

Enhancing Your Emotional Intelligence (Workshop) – Stern

Enhancing your Emotional Intelligence – Stern (Slides)

Leadership Development – Groomes, Shoemaker and Scott

Community of Practice as a Leadership Approach Across Workforce System Partners – Groomes, Shoemaker and Scott

Goodbye Sign-in-Sheets – Duffy (Slides)

Career Ladders – DeMore

The Role of Personality in Career Development – Licata

FSS By State – Stancil

PCC – Stancil

Family Self Sufficiency – Stancil

Goal-setting Handout (Workshop) – Spence

Goal-setting Handout (Keynote) – Spence

Tuesday Panels